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All assault convictions come with jail time and fines, even for misdemeanors. Because these consequences are harsh and can affect future opportunities for housing and employment, do not fight the charges without help from an experienced assault attorney.

In the aftermath of assault arrests in Citrus Park, the right course of action is not always clear. You are never obligated to face these challenges on your own. A former prosecutor who now works as a defense lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group could help save your way of life.


The circumstances of assault arrest in Citrus Park can vary. In some cases, officers will intervene when they witness a physical altercation. While this is not uncommon, the majority of assault allegations occur when law enforcement is not present.

Alleged assaults often occur with few witnesses, if any, and are sometimes based entirely on the statement of the complaining witness or other interested parties. In some cases, the interaction might be caught on security camera footage. Any of these circumstances could be enough to motivate law enforcement to make an arrest. Criminal charges could be made based on a misunderstanding or an outright lie.

In some situations, the police might even arrest someone other than the aggressor. It is often impossible at the moment to determine clearly what happened in a physical altercation, but this will not stop law enforcement from taking someone into custody.


The steps following an arrest are important. It is never a good idea to discuss the case with law enforcement – particularly while still in custody. As stated in the Miranda warning, “anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law,” and the police may even take a statement out of context.

The best option is to remain silent and seek the guidance of a lawyer right away. An attorney in Citrus Park could answer questions about assault arrests and argue for the best possible result.


Arrests can be worrisome, but they are never guaranteed to result in a conviction. A positive outcome is possible after assault charges are filed; and the best possible outcome involves the dismissal of the case, which means no trial or conviction. While no one wants to deal with the prospect of a trial, securing an acquittal is another best-case scenario that brings the case to an end.

Some cases after an assault arrest in Citrus Park will result in a conviction. If the state’s evidence is strong, the best path forward might involve a lawyer negotiating a plea that includes no jail time, a promise of no criminal record, or a reduction in charges.


When you are dealing with assault arrests in Citrus Park, you have the right to defend yourself in court. You also have the right to an attorney who knows how to do things the right way and advocate on your behalf.

Do not put your freedom at risk by acting as your own legal counsel. By working with an attorney who understands how to defend your rights, you can put yourself in a position to avoid a conviction entirely. Call today to consult with a lawyer from Grand Canyon Law Group who can defend your rights.

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