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When a criminal investigation results in an arrest, you could face serious consequences like incarceration or monetary fines. These penalties can be especially stiff when it comes to assault charges, even if your crime is only a misdemeanor.

Thankfully, you do not have to face assault investigations in Citrus Park alone. An experienced assault attorney can help you understand the strength of the state’s case and advise you on your defense options. The lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group are former prosecutors now working as defense attorneys who know how to do things the right way.


In some situations, the police might initiate an investigation immediately following the alleged assault. This is most common when these incidents occur in public and are reported to law enforcement, or where officers witness the alleged offense themselves. In those cases, assault investigations in Citrus Park quickly turn to arrests.

The process can be longer in other situations. When the alleged offense is not witnessed by police, they typically take time to interview any available witnesses. Law enforcement may delay pursuing charges immediately but make an arrest days or weeks in the future.


Law enforcement officers cannot arrest someone on a whim. They must have probable cause, which means there is evidence that establishes the person committed a crime.

When conducting assault investigations in Citrus Park, there are numerous pieces of evidence the police might rely on. They typically start with an interview of the reporting witness, who is frequently the alleged victim. There are many times when the police have little to go on besides the word of the accuser. Despite this lack of evidence, it could be enough to conclude the investigation and lead to an arrest.

A stronger case can be made by the state when there is photographic or video evidence of the alleged assault, which could come in many forms, including dash cam or cell phone footage. Allegations can be difficult to prove even when this type of evidence is available, because important context may be missing from the video.

One of the strongest pieces of evidence a prosecutor could rely on is an admission from the accused. This could come from a statement to police or even a social media post. A defense attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group could question the validity of a statement or the reliability of a witness.


State law recognizes not only the crime of assault but also an aggravated version of the offense, which comes with heightened penalties when certain factors are present. Some of these factors include the following:

The investigations in these cases are similar, but police must also provide evidence of aggravating factors before the state can increase the charge. This might include additional interviews during the assault investigation in Citrus Park seeking evidence of the weapon used or confirmation of the age of the reporting witness.


When you are concerned about the possibility of an impending assault investigation in Citrus Park, tell an attorney from Grand Canyon Law Group about the investigation. The sooner you seek out legal counsel, the sooner our lawyers will be able to work on a defense that aims preserve your way of life. Call Grand Canyon Law Group right away to discuss your options during a private consultation.

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