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Scottsdale Post-Conviction Relief Attorney

Being convicted on any criminal charge can have a devastating impact on your life. Not only could this result in prison time, but your criminal record could negatively impact your future even after you serve your sentence. However, it is essential to note that a conviction is not the end of your case. There are many options for post-conviction relief to address a court’s error or the discovery of new evidence.

Let a Scottsdale post-conviction relief lawyer explain your legal options and fight for your way of life. The dedicated attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group can obtain the information needed to file a petition and submit all necessary documentation to the court to change the outcome of your case.


Convictions in Scottsdale criminal courts are the result of two main mechanisms. The first is a conviction that a jury or judge issues after a full trial. Here, a defendant did not admit to guilt, but the court found them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Arizona Rule of Criminal Procedure 32.1 provides a list of scenarios where post-conviction relief might be available. These include the following:

  • The conviction violated the defendant’s Constitutional rights
  • The discovery of new facts after the conviction might have resulted in a different outcome
  • Recent changes in the law would have been likely to overturn a conviction or length of sentence

Similar concepts apply to situations where a defendant chooses to plead guilty to the charges and waives their right to trial. Under AZ Rule of Crim. Pro. § 33.1, there must be new evidence or violations of the defendant’s Constitutional rights to justify a petition. A Scottsdale post-conviction relief attorney can further explain the legal basis for seeking a remedy.


State law strictly outlines the legal process for seeking post-conviction relief. There is no time limit to filing these petitions, but each petition must contain vital documentation and legal arguments.


To start the process, a person must file a Notice Requesting Post-Conviction Relief with the trial court that handled the case in question. This notice must contain information about the defendant, the procedural history of their case, and their grounds for seeking relief.


The next step is to create and submit a Petition for Post-Conviction Relief. This petition must contain further information about the reason for the request and include evidence about why relief is appropriate. This may include affidavits, new scientific reports, and transcripts of testimony.

A skilled lawyer at our Scottsdale office is ready to take the lead in drafting these post-conviction relief documents. Legal counsel can also author memoranda that summarize a person’s position and request a specific form of relief. This relief may take the form of a total acquittal, a reduction in sentence length, or a new trial.


Every person has significant rights under the law when facing criminal charges. In fact, these rights even extend after a case appears to end with a conviction. Whether a court found you guilty because of a guilty plea or as the result of a trial, you may have the right to seek post-conviction relief in limited circumstances.

Let a Scottsdale post-conviction relief lawyer provide the guidance you need in seeking justice. The attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group can explore whether relief is appropriate given your specific circumstances, guide you through the process, and take the lead in pursuing the acquittal or new trial you deserve. Call us today to learn more.

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