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State law makes little differentiation between offering or receiving money in exchange for sexual activities. In fact, people facing accusations of soliciting a prostitute will often see their cases move forward in court under the same prostitution statute.

If you have been arrested and charged with sexual solicitation, a dedicated attorney at the Grand Canyon Law Group can help you. Our Scottsdale solicitation lawyers can explain the relevant laws and fight to protect your rights, reputation, and freedom. We are prepared to evaluate the strength of the prosecutor’s case and develop a defense that meets your specific needs.


Interestingly, there is no statute under state law that carries the specific label of sexual solicitation. Instead, Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3214 says that it is illegal for any person to “engage in prostitution.” This means that it is a violation of the law for any person to be a party to a prostitution transaction, including both alleged sellers and buyers.

A clearer prohibition on this activity is present in the city’s ordinances. Scottsdale City Ordinance § 19-5 specifically makes it a misdemeanor offense for a person to solicit or hire another to commit an act of prostitution. These different laws carry different potential penalties for conviction.


Under state law, a first solicitation conviction can result in up to six months in jail. However, the law also requires a mandatory minimum jail sentence of no less than 15 days. By contrast, prosecutions that move forward under the city ordinance lower this mandatory jail term to ten days. In either case, subsequent convictions come with longer mandatory sentences. A local solicitation attorney can help explain the state and city laws and fight against the consequences of a conviction.


Both state and city laws contain broad language that allows for prosecution under a variety of theories. Importantly, sexual intercourse does not need to take place for an arrest to occur or for a court to return a guilty verdict. These laws state that any kind of sexual activity in exchange for an item of value falls under the definition of prostitution. Additionally, this exchange does not need to occur for a violation to take place. Instead, the mere agreement to participate in this activity could result in charges.

Because of these legal nuances, it is important to work with an experienced attorney to build a defense against sexual solicitation charges. A Scottsdale solicitation lawyer can evaluate the specific evidence that a prosecutor intends to introduce at trial. This can include:

  • Text messages or emails outlining a supposed meet-up
  • Bank records or other money service reports
  • Hotel bills

To counter these accusations, a skilled lawyer could introduce evidence that disputes the exchange of money or property for sexual activities. This can include proof of dating or other evidence that casts doubt on the alleged agreement.


Charges for the solicitation of a prostitute come with serious consequences. A conviction can lead to heavy fines and a mandatory jail sentence, on top of a criminal record that could impact you for years to come. It is vital that you take every opportunity to protect yourself and your way of life.

Let a Scottsdale solicitation lawyer handle your case the right way and fight for a positive resolution. The legal team at the Grand Canyon Law Group can explain why an arrest has occurred, work to evaluate the prosecutor’s case, and fight to protect your rights in court. The sooner you reach out, the sooner we can begin building your defense, so call today.

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