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A university’s Title IX policies are designed to give students, staff, and faculty the tools they need to address on-campus harassment. Specifically, these tools are meant to curb instances of harassment based on sex. Unfortunately, students, staff, and faculty who are not properly trained in Title IX legislation can misuse a university’s policies, often to the detriment of their peers.

Because the specificities surrounding Title IX are open to so much reinterpretation, you may find yourself facing unjust allegations of harassment. Failure to address these accusations can lead to detrimental impacts on your way of life and your future. If you find yourself facing allegations of misconduct at ASU, Mesa Community College, or another university, do not wait to reach out to a skilled attorney. A Scottsdale Title IX lawyer can ensure that you are fairly represented and work to reduce the impact of these allegations on your life.


Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 states that no educational institution has the right to discriminate, financially or otherwise, against individuals based on their biological sex. This amendment was first brought into place to combat the limitations placed on female students, professors, staff, and athletes that curbed their ability to act within the academic sphere.

Title IX has seen significant expansion including gender identity and sexual orientation in the protections of the law. Individual universities can choose to address Title IX within their own boundaries and can establish their own protections beyond those laid out in the original legislation. Acts qualifying as sexual harassment at one university may not be considered harassment at another institution, which is why it is critical to work with an attorney who has a deep understanding of Title IX cases in the state.


Title IX accusations allege that the accused individual engaged in some manner of sex-based harassment against another party. This harassment can range from catcalling to rape.

How universities like ASU and Mesa Community College choose to respond to these allegations varies. In most cases, universities will elect a board to conduct an investigation. Depending on what evidence comes to light, the board may choose to discuss sanctions for the accused or the accuser. To what degree these sanctions impact the accused’s day-to-day life depends both on the evidence discovered and the defense offered by an attending Scottsdale Title IX attorney-advisor.

Cases involving an individual who has been accused of Title IX violations in the past grow more complicated. These parties may face sanctions that are more severe than those parties facing similar accusations for the first time.


A Scottsdale attorney can make the conditions surrounding Title IX accusations less complicated than they might otherwise be. A lawyer can ensure the accused understands the charges brought against them as well as the sanctions they may face. In addition, an attorney can communicate with the university on the accused’s behalf and offer rebuttals to the accusations and any extenuations brought forward during an investigation period.


Alleged Title IX violations can put your future at risk. Unchallenged accusations can result in suspensions, expulsions, loss of tenure, and even separation between the accused and their parent university. When you work with a Scottsdale Title IX lawyer, you can limit or even prevent this kind of damage from impacting the rest of your life.

You do not have to try and face Title IX allegations alone. Contact our team at Grand Canyon Law Group today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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